Thursday, July 9, 2009



This Blog is the start of a challenge. The idea is something along the lines of Fistacuffs where artists create and compete. The idea is a pissing contest between two people about what they're God can do to beat the other person. So the question is "How Great is your God?". The reply is "My God is so great he can...." and that's where the art and the challenge come in. Your job is to one up the last guy in front of you. Back in the day there used to be Gods for nearly everything. The more ridiculous the better.

So my example is "My God is so great, he can grill 8 cheese sandwiches simultaneously. " Then we have an Image of a Shiva like God going to work in the picture. The only rule is no existing Gods and you have to come up with something new and original.

The idea is two kids doing the "My Dad can beat up your Dad, but with Gods.
The lifespan of this project is 4 weeks and it starts July 20th and ends on August 20th.

Welcome, have fun, and may the Gods be with you!

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